The Libertyville Boys Club (LBC) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs Objective The LBC has been serving Libertyville and its surrounding communities f

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The game of flag football is a fast-paced, non-contact game played between two teams. Each player on the offense and defense wears a set of flags. "Tackles" are made by pulling the flag out of the belt. All physical contact is strictly monitored for the safety of the players. 

The Libertyville Boys Club Flag Football League is centered around skill development on both offense and defense. On the offensive side of the ball, players will learn the fundamentals of throwing and catching a football, as well as running and maneuvering through a defense. They will also learn the proper method for taking a hand-off and how to run basic pass routes.  On the defensive side of the ball, players will learn the fundamentals of pass coverage and run reaction. They will learn the concepts of zone and man-to-man defensive skills, as well as the fundamentals of defensive footwork and alignment.

Most importantly, players will learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. While there is a competitive component to the structure of the league, the Libertyville Boys Club Flag Football League is committed first and foremost to the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship while teaching children to love the game of football.


Level of play will be determined by age and weight.  Age will be determined by what your child’s age is prior to September 1, 2020.  Weight will be determined by what your child weighs at the first day of evaluations on July 27, 2020.



Age 6 - 75lbs or under

Age 5 or younger - 80lbs or under


Age 8 - 95lbs or less

Age 7 - 100lbs or less

Age 6  - 115lbs or less


Age 10 - 105lbs or less

Age 9 - 110lbs or less

Age 8 - 115lbs or less


Players over this weight will be assigned to a tackle level team. There will be a $50 late charge for those registering after May 31, 2020


ASSESSMENTS (evaluations):

Assessments are used to determine the ability level of our players and to ensure a level playing field by creating balanced teams through a player draft.  If your child cannot make it to evaluation day, they will still be placed onto a team. 

The evaluations will be held on July 27, 2020

Check-in (LBC concession stand).  Players will complete the following: 25 yard dash, agility drill, passing station


The only players pre-selected on a team are the players of the head coach and one assistant coach.  All other players will be placed on a team through a draft process.  Requests to be on a certain team or with a certain coach will not be honored.

Please make sure that you have either paid for your child’s registration in full or have started a payment plan.  Players will not be placed on a team unless registration fees have been paid.

Starting Monday, August 13th, you may log onto the LBC website ( and check rosters.  You may have to check through a few teams to find your son's name.  If you can wait, your son's head coach will be in touch with you later that week and will have a full roster to share with you then.


Practices begin the week of August 13th.  Teams will practice in the early evenings at local parks two times per week for the first two weeks. Once games begin teams will practice once a week.  Game schedules are not set, but it is an eight week season, with nearly all games on Saturdays either in the morning or early afternoon at Butler Lake Park.


Game Jerseys and Flags will be provided by LBC.  Other equipment you'll need is: an athletic supporter with a cup; a mouth guard and, at your option, shoes with formed rubber cleats.  Regular gym shoes are fine, too. Kids should wear athletic wear for practice, dress for the weather.  Jerseys must be tucked in on game days.  Boys without mouth guards and cups will not be permitted to practice or play in games.